Vivien Jane Margaret Lane began her medical career after leaving school in 1969. She attended the Middlesex Hospital and London University, where she first trained as a nurse, going on to obtain a diploma as a nursing sister before being persuaded to continue on to a medical degree. She was initially awarded a place on a nurse tutor course, but opted instead to attend the University of Sheffield in 1974. Upon graduating in Sheffield with her degree, and working as a GP for a few months, Vivien eventually joined the Ministry of Defence with the RAF Medical service where she tended to servicemen and their families.

Alongside these achievements, Vivien always had a keen interest in the world of competitive sports; winning various medals for the likes of synchronised swimming and athletics in her early life as well as throughout her school career. As such, when it came to studying medicine at University, Vivien chose to combine her two favourite interests and focus on sports medicine as her area of expertise.

After gaining qualifications as an AAA and BAF Technical Official in Track & Field, and as an ASA Technical Official in Judging and Timekeeping, Vivien was asked to officiate at many sporting events throughout England; for example, acting as an Official in the BBC series ‘The Games’ in 2004. In October 1987, Vivien was awarded the Smith & Nephew Scholarship to enter full time post-graduate study for a diploma in Sports Medicine, graduating with an overall merit and a distinction for her thesis on common injuries in gymnasts – a sport in which Vivien took particular delight, as both audience and official.

Vivien then went on to have several articles published, including two features in ‘The Practitioner’ magazine: ‘Non-Accidental Injury: The Role of the General Practitioner’ in 1988, and ‘Gymnastics: Special Report’ in 1990. Needless to say, it comes with no surprise that the legacy Vivien Lane chose to leave behind was one that combined her two lifelong passions; hoping to find and help unique individuals to hone their own skills and interests in the fields that she so enjoyed.

The Dr Vivien Lane Foundation Scholarship is currently open to any registered practitioner who has completed at least two years in practice as a vocationally qualified principal in Medical General Practice and who is studying Sports medicine and Injury Management whether on a full-time or part-time basis at a recognised medical training establishment in the United Kingdom.