Spring 2016 awards


Fantastic news!

We have been able to award over £14,000 this year to our successful applicants.

See what they have to say:

Dr Ralph Mitchell: awarded £1000

I aim to use this bursary to fund my MSc in SEM so that I can go on to develop a MSK service for sports injuries in my local federation of my CCG. So far I have been able to set up a MSK clinic in my surgery but in order to take it further to benefit more patients I will require formal training in SEM and I hope to achieve this through my MSc. 

This bursary will go a long way in helping me pay the tuition fees for this course this year and therefore in the long term will benefit a great number of my patients. 

Dr Steven Watmough: awarded £1000

I would like to thank the Dr Vivien Lane Foundation for this award. During the last year, I have been studying for an MSc in sports medicine. The full time nature of the MSc results in a reduced availability for locum work. This award has helped towards some of the costs involved in completing an MSc. I have recently accepted a GP training position, following which; I intend to apply for a SEM training post. This award will add to my CV, improving my application for future SEM posts.

Dr Caroline Barclay: awarded £1000

Thank you so much to the Dr Vivien Lane Foundation for my award. I am using the bursary to go on a joint injection course at the Royal Society of Medicine in July and then plan to do an acupuncture course later in the year. With my MSc in SEM and my new skills and knowledge I aim to set up an MSK clinic at my practice in the near future.

Dr Sonia Bains: awarded £3,500

I am grateful to be awarded The Dr Vivien Lane Scholarship. The money has been used towards a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health at University College London, prior to commencing the specialist Sport and Exercise Medicine training programme in London.

Dr Roshan Gunasekera: awarded £750

Firstly, I would like to thank the Dr Vivien Lane Foundation for awarding me with the scholarship. I am currently undertaking a Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine at University College London. It is often difficult to make the decision to return to further education due to financial pressures, but the scholarship has been a great aid in alleviating those pressures. The money from the scholarship will be spread between research costs and fees for the Masters. On the back of this year of postgraduate learning, I shall be commencing an Academic Clinical Fellowship in Sports and Exercise Medicine in Sheffield. I am looking forward to this exciting time of physical activity research in Sheffield and have been lucky enough to pursue such endeavours with the help of the Dr Vivien Lane Foundation.

Dr Richard Connell: awarded £750

I am delighted to have been awarded a Dr Vivien Lane Foundation Scholarship, it is a great support towards the completion of my studies. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Sport Medicine, Exercise and Health at University College London. Two key factors underpin my determination to undertake a Masters degree in this growing field. Firstly, in my experience, the management of sporting injuries is often inadequate. Patients are too frequently discharged without appropriate assessment, counselling or management plans. Sports medicine has given me the skills and experience to manage such injuries confidently. Secondly, considerable evidence demonstrates the wide-ranging benefits of exercise to Public Health. In 2008, Lord Darzi emphasised the vital importance of preventative medicine to population health and the financial sustainability of the NHS.  Despite this, little has been achieved. I believe that it is a clinician’s duty to understand and prescribe exercise to improve wellbeing and reduce the burden of chronic disease. The course at UCL acknowledges this by making exercise and preventative medicine a key component of the curriculum. Having completed my examinations last months, I am now focusing on my dissertation. Research experience is allowing me to develop as an evidence-based practitioner. This means that I will be better prepared to discuss medical conditions and treatment options with patients in future. Such practice is vital to provide patients with the best care possible.

Thank you again for the support that you have given as I complete my Masters in Sport Medicine, Exercise and Health.

Dr Robin Chattergee: awarded £3000

My name is Dr Robin Chatterjee and I am a GP with a Special Interest in Sports & Exercise Medicine (SEM) and also a Specialist Registrar in SEM at the Charing Cross & Hammersmith Hospitals and I am proud to accept the Dr Vivien Lane Foundation Scholarship. I am interested in bringing an SEM service to the NHS, where patients can have access to specialist management of common ailments which are currently sub-optimally managed, such as low back pain, obesity, frozen shoulder and other non-surgical musculoskeletal problems. I will use the scholarship to complete a diploma in musculoskeletal ultrasonography and another diploma in musculoskeletal acupuncture. The remainder of the scholarship will go towards research that I am currently conducting to investigate the relationship between low vitamin D and chronic low back pain of unknown cause. Hopefully this will help me in my endeavour to provide a community SEM NHS service

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