How to Apply / Procedure

The Application Form may be downloaded here: Vivien_Lane_Application form

Please print out, complete and post to:

Vivien Lane Foundation Scholarship
The Clerk to the Trustees
Mrs F. Wood BA (Hons); M. Ed
Bell & Buxton, Solicitors,
Telegraph House, High Street, Sheffield, S1 2GA

(Please ensure your envelope is clearly marked: Vivien Lane Foundation Scholarship)

Alternatively it may be completed off line, scanned in and returned by email to

N.B. The closing date is Monday May 1st  2017.  

Please refer to this section of the website for future award dates.

Note, however, that the Trustees have discretion over the above and are willing to consider in both suitable and exceptional circumstance the making of an award outside the normal procedure (which is geared to the normal academic year) . If you feel you might qualify for consideration of such an exceptional award, please contact ( with supporting evidence/ documentation) the Clerk to the Trustees.